Socrates Comenius



"Games - Our Universe" 

The project theme "Games - Our Universe" has triggered the interest of European partner schools because teaching and learning through games is the most pleasant way, both for teachers and students. By sharing ideas on some traditional games during the first year ("Traditional games - a way of keeping past in our lives"), the adults involved in the project will have the chance not only " to become children" again by teaching old games but also to express the cultural values and customs of their country.

The differences between the traditional and modern games will be saught during the second year ("Modern games - a way of creating the present universe"), when all the partners will find out common and different points on the ways of teaching through games. The project final products (short films, pictures, albums, brochures and booklets) will offer to all the children the possibility of being "actors", of getting involved in the project activities; at the same time, the teachers will improve their methods of teaching in a very attractive  way, will develop the feeling of belonging to the European community and will get in touch with different cultures and mentalities.

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